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Biscoff & popcorn pudding jar

This Biscoff pudding jar just needs to be eaten...NOW! , It's made for every occasion at any time of the year at any point...

Lemon Mascarpone Mince Pies

Our unique Lemon Mascarpone Mince Pies offer a delightful twist on the classic holiday treat. These pies add a new layer of zesty lemon...

MeShell’s Diner Nantucket Cranberry Pie

This recipe for Nantucket Cranberry Pie is so easy and so good. This is a delicious light sponge, full of juicy cranberries, crunchy pecans...

MeShell’s Diner Butter Pecan Fudge

Another meal from MeShell's diner, this time butter pecan fudge. The buttered pecans give this fudge a bit of texture as well as a...

Raw carrot cake with cacao glaze

This recipe is vegan, and requires zero cooking! Great option for those looking for a sweet treat with limited cooking facilities. A super tasty...

Campervan Toblerone Fudge

A chocolate lovers dream treat! We made this in the campervan for a perfect movie night treat. The chocolate is so smooth and...

Flavorful Appily Apple Crisp

This flavourful Appily Apple crisp is one of 5 delicious Autumnal recipes that Wellness Wanderers Yoga shared with us. It's perfect for those Autumn...

3 ingredient Nutella Cookies

I made these Nutella cookies for biscuit week for Van Bake off. Since I made them Mark has not stopped raving about them (or...

Omnia Blackberry Cake

This Omnia blackberry cake is ideal for using up foraged blackberries. The classic blackberry is an easy fruit to forage, easily recognisable and plentiful....

Vegan Banana & Blackberry ‘Nice’ Cream

A delicious recipe from featured vanlifers @vinny_the_van_diesel. This recipe is not only delicious, but it is vegan and gluten free too. It requires no...

Rolo Overload Brownies – Omnia Style.

After giving up chocolate for lent I knew I wanted to bake something super indulgent super chocolatey for Easter Hence the Omnia style rolo brownies were born. As if a chocolate brownie wasn't indulgent enough this is jam packed full of rolos and covered in a delicious toffee sauce. Dark chocolate gives this recipe a real richness so even if you are not a fan of dark chocolate, don't substitute as you won't get the same result and it doesn't taste of dark chocolate. *Please note you will need a freezer for this recipe*

Fluffy Vegan Vancakes

A campervan recipe every vegan should know! These pancakes (or vancakes as we call them) are fluffy and light and we top them with either berries and syrup or nutella and banana! What is your favourite pancake topping?

Raw chocolate and peppermint tarts

These indulgent yet super healthy sweet treats are so easy to make.

Giant vegan frying pan cookie

Giant vegan frying pan cookie

Loaded Chorizo Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries with Maple Aioli. Margarita flavored watermelon for dessert

This is a great meal that we made over Memorial Day weekend while family camping. Recipe by Anthony’s sister Monica Naude

Frying pan crumble

Frying pan crumble

Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

This one is a delicious and easy to make 2 ingredient chocolate mousse that also happens to be vegan (if you use vegan chocolate & milk) The catch: you need an electric mixer. So if you are a normal person and don’t have an electric mixer in your van, this might not be for you.



5 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Tahini Bars

5 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Tahini Bars


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