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5 Easy Ways To Support Organic on a Van Life Adventure | Organic Month 2021

Join the organic movement and support local organic farmers while enjoying tasty meals. In this post, we celebrate Organic September by going over what...

The best snack and lunch ideas to pack for a hike

Choosing appropriate food and snacks to bring with you on a hike will help you maintain energy and keep you enjoying your day out....

Gluten Free snacks for Family Adventures

Guest author familywellnesswanderers share their favourite gluten free snacks for their family adventures. Hi, we are a traveling family of 4 with 2 girls, ages ...

Plant based medicines for a healthy natural van life

Many of us living van life like to be at one with nature and plant based diets are very common in the van life...

Wild Food Foraging For Van Life Adventures

What wild food is safe for foraging whilst on your van life adventures? Whilst out on your adventures you are more than likely driving through...

How to keep fit and healthy living and travelling in van life

When travelling and living in a van, it's important to maintain a high level of health and a strong immune system. Here is our...


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