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Product Reviews

Cooking Cosy – A campervan cooking solution

The Cooking Cosy provides a cooking solution for every campervan. It helps save energy, is environmentally friendly and super cute! Find out what we...

Review of Just Smart Kitchenware bundle

Here at Vanlife Eats we have been very lucky to receive a bundle from Just Smart Kitchenware to review. Click here to go to...

Just how Smart is Just Smart Kitchenware? – A review

Just Smart Kitchenware sent us some products to review in our van. Read more to see just how smart we think their products are... A...

Flavorstone – the vanlife pan that can

Looking for the best vanlife cooking pan? Shallow fry, deep fry, boil, bake and even steam all from one lightweight, non-stick heavy-duty pan. Everything...

Wonderbag – Product Review

Wondering how to do slow cooking in a campervan? The Wonerbag makes slow cooking in your campervan easy and uses the bare minimum of...

Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor

Mess free chopping in a tiny kitchen! The zyliss easy pull, could this be the best vanlife kitchen gadget so far? We are always...

Product Review – Lifetub

We came across the Lifetub products on Instagram. When they offered to send us some products to review there was no way we could...


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