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How to ventilate a campervan

From preventing damage to keeping safe, healthy and hygienic it's important to ensure your campervan has adequate ventilation and you know how to ventilate...

Van Life Without a Fridge – knowing your non-perishables

Life on the road can be tiresome at times and finding the time to prep a good hearty meal can become challenging. Van life...

Oven ideas for Van Life

Whilst the choice of many Van Lifers is to keep a van life oven simple and low cost, there are many options available to...

The best fridge for a campervan

For those living or travelling around in a van, fridges are a hot topic and something that can be considered very important. It’s nice...

How to cook in a Van

Cooking inside your campervan can be incredibly similar to that of cooking inside a regular full sized home and with the right setup you...

Featured Van Lifers – Happy Vagabonds

We are proud to introduce our first featured vanlifers, Chris & Shelby, travelling full time in their 1989 Dodge B250 van Luna and not...

The best 8 Van Life Kitchen Accessories

The best campervan kitchen gadgets are space-saving, practical and lightweight. Here is our finely selected van life kitchen gadget checklist. Campervans, converted vans and even...

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