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Featured Vanlifer Mallory

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Latest featured vanlifer Mallory is of @vangirl_cooks, she is a girl who loves plants, travel and cooking! Make sure to give Mallory a follow on Instagram and follow her travels as a solo female vanlifer.

Mallory has been travelling full-time in her van GiGi since October 2020, and is based in the United States.

Woman standing in doorway of her campervan

Solo female travel

As mentioned Mallory is a solo female traveller, she has no pets but manages to keep some plants alive on her travels, which she feels is enough at the moment. Travelling as a female alone can unfortunately be quite intimidating at times. Mallory feels travelling alone has helped her personal growth greatly.

She very clearly can remember the first night alone in her van that she felt safe. It took a few weeks into her solo travels for her to reach this mindset. She parked up next to a gorgeous lake, and remembers having no paranoid thoughts as she drifted off to a comfortable sleep. She says this was the first night she felt like the van was her home.

Girl sitting cross legged in her campervan. The walls are white and she is sat on the bed with a green cup in her hand

Luckily during her travels so far she has only encountered a couple of issues. One being in the freezing cold and her diesel heater not working! The other was getting stuck in the mud (just ask previous featured vanlifers @donatellavansace. We’ve all been there!). Luckily a kind samaratian with a tractor saved the day, Gigi was able to continue on.

All in all Mallory LOVES the solo traveller life! She can decide where she travels to next and when. Working remotely from her van means there are no ties with work either. She has only had good experiences and has met plenty of other solo travellers on her journey. She always feels a sense of camaraderie when meeting other female solo travellers, and they can share their experiences together.

Girl in front of white campervan lighting a campfire

Featured vanlifer Mallory’s van

Mallory purchased the van already converted, but it has everything she could have wanted. She has obviously added some personal touches to this tiny space to make it her home. The van is kitted out with a bathroom with a shower – which is ideal as this girl likes to go paddleboarding. There is also solar power and plenty of storage, even with room for an inflatable paddleboard.

Hand painted wall in campervan.

One of her best friends created the hand painted wall in GiGi. As a solo traveller this brings some comfort to Mallory and reminds her of her friends and at home when she is feeling isolated. Another of her favourite features is the little window by her head which is perfect for watching a sunrise & helps create a lovely breeze through the van.

One of the things Mallory couldn’t be without is her mobile hotspot. Working remotely from her van, means reliable internet is a necessity. It allows her to stay connected for her job as a science strategist.

Campervan with all doors open, looking onto a sandy area with fences.

Mallory’s Van Kitchen

Mallory is a well prepared vanlifer. She has an induction hob in her van, and this is ideal if she wants a quick set-up. If however, the van batteries are low, she has the back up of a propane camping burner. Having these 2 systems means she can have 2 things on the go at the same time for when you want something more than a one pan meal.

One ingredient that is definitely a staple in Mallory’s van kitchen are eggs! In fact she cooks with them so often her friends joke that her page should be called @vangirl_cooks_eggs!

Bowl of eggs on the side in a campervan kitchen

Her kitchen doesn’t come without its faults and quirks though, just like any van kitchen. Her induction hub doesn’t work currently, neither does her water pump. Plus her fridge likes to open and share it’s contents every time she takes a sharp left turn – the joys of vanlife!

Her favourite van kitchen accessory is her hot water heater for pour over coffee. A girl has to have some luxuries on the road!

Her favourite recipe to make in her van, is this Creamy Chicken pasta recipe. We can see why, if you try it be sure to rate it!

What’s next for featured vanlifer Mallory?

At the moment she is really enjoying her solo travels. She loves meeting fellow vanlifers and connects with them regularly. She recently saw someone she follows on Insta sharing photos near where she was. She contacted them and they met up for a well deserved beer and chat.

She has big travel plans for the future, the world is her oyster as she puts it! There are plans to head to California, Oregon, Washington, Idado, Montanta, Colarado and Utah. That is one hell of a road trip. Mallory is on a quest to find the wildest hot springs she can find – so any tips, send her a DM on Insta!

View from a van window, driving through a desert setting

Mallory’s tip for fellow vanlifers

“Just take the plunge and do it. And also, buy a heater”

Insta: @vangirl_cooks

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