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Omnia Mashed Potato Cake

When I said I was going to make a cake in the Omnia, everyone was shocked! However, my cakes are not quite the...

Omnia vegan orange cake

Big Picnic demo dish This Omnia vegan orange cake was demonstrated by me (Sophie) at Vanlife Eats 2023. This vegan orange cake is moist and...

Vegan Omnia carrot cake

This Omnia vegan carrot cake proved very popular at Camp Quirky 2023. Vegan cakes can be difficult to make as it can be difficult...

How to bake in a van

Have you ever wondered how to bake in a van? Baking in a van comes with some challenges, the lack of available space can...

Omnia vegan Victoria sponge

We made this Omnia vegan Victoria sponge for one of our talks at Campervan Campout. It's great for get togethers or even just for...

MeShell’s Diner Nantucket Cranberry Pie

This recipe for Nantucket Cranberry Pie is so easy and so good. This is a delicious light sponge, full of juicy cranberries, crunchy pecans...

Omnia Blueberry Upside Down Cake

This Omnia blueberry cake went down an absolute treat in our campervan. This recipe is ideal if you are a blueberry fan, and a...

Bake Off Pear and Ginger Mochi Cake

This awesome pear and ginger mochi cake was crowned star baker in cake week in the Van Bake Off 2022. This creation was entered...

Lemon drizzle Omnia cake

This lemon drizzle cake baked in an Omnia oven, looks beautiful at any meet-up. It's ideal with a cup of tea & it's hard...

Omnia Blackberry Cake

This Omnia blackberry cake is ideal for using up foraged blackberries. The classic blackberry is an easy fruit to forage, easily recognisable and plentiful....

Victoria Sponge – Van Bake Off

Here is week one's star Baker of van bake off. Week one was cake week and Lesley of @stillyoungatart made this gorgeous looking victoria...


There is nothing that quite beats that smell of freshly baked bread filling your van. But how can you bake bread in a campervan...

Omnia Silicone Mould

When you are baking cakes in your van using your Omnia stove top oven you’ll need the silicone insert mould. Description The Omnia silicone mould S2...

Rolo Overload Brownies – Omnia Style.

After giving up chocolate for lent I knew I wanted to bake something super indulgent super chocolatey for Easter Hence the Omnia style rolo brownies were born. As if a chocolate brownie wasn't indulgent enough this is jam packed full of rolos and covered in a delicious toffee sauce. Dark chocolate gives this recipe a real richness so even if you are not a fan of dark chocolate, don't substitute as you won't get the same result and it doesn't taste of dark chocolate. *Please note you will need a freezer for this recipe*

Van Bake off Triple Chocolate Orange Drizzle Cake

This recipe was selected as star baker for chocolate week in van bake off 2020.

Omnia Toffee Apple Upside Down Cake

We made this cake in our Omnia oven during Van Bake Off 2020, it’s great with a cup of tea or even served with some custard.

Van Bake off Battenburg

This fabulous recipe won the first week of our van bake off competition 2020 and became our first star baker.

Banana & Walnut Omnia Cake

This recipe is great for using up leftover bananas and reducing waste when on your travels.

Lemon dessert

Lemon dessert

Omnia brownies

Omnia brownies
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