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5 Vegan autumnal Snacks for Vanlife

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Looking for vegan autumnal snacks for vanlife? Look no further, @wellnesswanderersyoga update us with their global travels and share 5 healthy, vegan autmnal snacks for vanlife. Most of these recipes require an oven, but do not fear, with a bit of creativity these recipes can be adapted for any vanlife adventure.

Coffee outside in the autumn

To find out more about this family that wanders and teaches yoga around the world, check out their website https://wellnesswanderers.co/ Let’s hand over to them for their thoughts on Autumn and their 5 vegan autumnal recipes!

“Fall is here! We are in the French Alps right now and today is a very windy, cloudy Fall day, perfect for eating some of our favorite snacks of the season: Butternut Squash Fries; Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes; Candied Pecans; Apple Crisp and Chai Tea. These are all not only delicious but warming and comforting.

These autumnal snacks are all healthy, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free and perfect for vanlife adventures. Healthy eating with natural, organic foods like these is an important part of our wellness lifestyle. We also try our best to eat local and in season for the sake of our health and that of the planet. When on a vanlife adventure it is a great opportunity to shop locally and enjoy local produce! I did notice that the sweet potatoes we bought were from Spain but I think in Europe that could be considered local considering the countries are not too far apart. 😊

Autumnal walk

Another important part of our wellness lifestyle is movement. While we have our daily yoga practice to rely on for movement, Autumn is a great time to go for long walks. Here in the Alps, we’ve found some pretty steep hikes into the mountains. I especially love movement that is simply part of our daily activities. Just getting our groceries in this town requires a good walk that goes up and downhill a few times. And there is always the need to walk our dogs which is a great way to get us out and moving even when we feel like all we want to do is snuggle up on the couch. Once we’re outside, of course, we’re always glad for it. The movement and fresh air is always refreshing and energizing. Having movement throughout the day, especially if you work at a desk or on the computer a lot, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle especially in vanlife.

And, finally, we consider taking time to pause and be still another important part of being healthy. Autumn is the perfect time to make space for stillness in our lives because the cooler temperatures and the changes in the trees and plants invite us to go within and also to notice the beauty around us more. This is a great time to reflect on any changes in ourselves and the world around us as well as finding our center of strength and calm in the midst of it all. We make meditation, sitting or lying down, a part of our daily practice. And there are also opportunities in the midst of the day, by taking a few minutes to be alone (maybe in the bathroom or by putting your head down on your desk) to close your eyes and breathe, or by stopping to gaze at something in nature for a few minutes while letting thoughts float by, or even by eating these yummy snacks, slowing down and giving your full attention to the details like smell, texture, where its from, who made it.

We hope you enjoy these fun and healthy Fall snacks as much as we do”

5 Autumnal Vanlife snacks

Let us know if you make any of these recipes or if you have any of your own

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