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Featured Vanlifers – Anthony & Sharon

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Two passionate Vanlife cooks and the creators of Vanlife Eats.

Meet Anthony & Sharon of The Bearded Van, this couple love an adventure in their van. Anthony is a keen and skilled fisherman (check out his video on YouTube of him landing an actual shark!) Being as he is the main cook, fish makes up a fair bit of their diet.

They have been spending some time at home recently enjoying time with their family but now they are back on the road and looking forward to meeting fellow friendly vanlifers, so if you see them on your travels be sure to say hi!

Which country are you based in at the moment?


How long have you been travelling in your van?

We officially moved into our van September 2019 while we were still finishing our build. We started traveling right before Christmas 2019. We were able to spend four months on an epic road trip traveling the coast of Florida.

Do you travel in your van full-time or part-time?

We have been home since April but will start traveling again, full time in a couple weeks! We are so excited and yet a little nervous at the same time. The world has changed so much since we came home. I hope people are still as kind as they were when we traveled earlier this year. We had such great experiences.

What is your van kitchen set-up?

We have a 12 v Dometic fridge. 2 burner gas cooktop. Butcher block countertop. A nice size sink. We love our kitchen set up and wouldn’t change a thing.

What is your favourite feature in your van?

For Anthony it is our solar power system. He is all about being prepared for any situation and I would say that greatly reflects in our van, especially the solar setup. My favorite thing in our van is the bed. I did a lot of research to find a non-toxic and comfy mattress and it was so worth it! Then I spent a lot of time finding the softest sheets I could find in organic cotton. We would rather sleep in our van than anywhere else!

What is your favourite van kitchen gadget?

Our cast iron skillet.

What is the best meal you have had in your van?

We’ve had so many that it’s hard to pick.. Possibly the best one was on Christmas Day when Anthony made homemade noodles that he rolled out with a yeti! He topped them with perfectly creamy Alfredo (homemade of course), mushrooms, and a giant slab of buttery steak. I also have to think of this one time when a gentleman gave us oysters and we steamed oysters in our van in the middle of a Walmart parking lot. It was pouring down rain outside but inside we were cozy and warm, eating a 5 star meal!

What is the worst meal you have had in your van?

Fast food. We inevitably feel like crap after.

What do you cook most in your van?

Anthony is our main cook. If I make a meal it’s going to be something simple and fast like eggs and toast or a turkey sandwich. But when Anthony cooks, he goes all out. He loves fishing so the main thing he makes is fish in a variety of different ways. The classic way to prepare them is fried in butter and coconut oil with a light breading and a side of hush puppies. Yum! He also does fish tacos, or pan fries them and places them on top of a giant salad. The one time we found our own personal island and he made grilled redfish on the half shell… so good! I thank God everyday that I married this man!

Do you have any funny vanlife stories to share?

Well it’s always a riot when we shower outside! Especially if it’s an unfamiliar place but we think it’s private enough to not hang a curtain! Inevitably, I will be super nervous and drop everything, panicking to try to get done quickly. Anthony will just take his good old time all the while laughing at me!

INSTAGRAM: thebeardedvan

You can catch up with Sharon & Anthony through the social media links on their profile. Head to their profile to have a look at their favourite recipes to make in their van

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