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Vanlife soup mix

This vanlife soup mix is a great vanlife hack! This dried soup mix can be used in many different recipes. Store this in an...

RidgeMonkey Chorizo & mozzarella gnocchi

This campervan recipe of chorizo & mozzarella gnocchi cooked in the RidgeMonkey is ideal for vanlife. A quick one pan meal with 10 ingredients,...

French Toast with Berry Compote

This recipe of French Toast with berry compote is great for cooking outside or in a van. The perfect fuel for hiking or biking....

Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

These cinnamon sweet potatoes are one of 5 delicious Autumnal recipes that Wellness Wanderers Yoga shared with us. It’s perfect for those Autumn days when your...

Jackfruit chilli one-pot

A delicious simple one-pot Vegan chilli with pretty much zero prep time. Easy to cook on a camping stove when hiking, climbing, or even camping! Plus one put means less washing up.

Lentil, Chickpea, nettle & coconut curry

Cooking with foraged ingredients can make a dish extra special.

Sundried Tomato Chicken

Sundried Tomato Chicken

Cheesy Tomato Risotto

My guest blog post on here explains how easy it is to sprout beans when on the road, this is one of the many recipes I include them in.

Gazpacho verde

Gazpacho verde

Michael’s Hearty Breakfast Oatmeal

Cold winter mornings call for giant bowls of oatmeal with all the topping. This simple oatmeal is sure to keep you feeling satisfied all the way till lunch!

Very easy naan bread

Very easy naan bread

Omnia brownies

Omnia brownies

Spicy Garlicky Avocado Hummus

This Spicy Garlicky Avocado Hummus is sooo yummy and healthy. It’s loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fats which make it the all around snack. On top of that, paired with some healthy low carb options like carrots and cucumbers, it really is the ultimate power snack.

Easy Ramen Noodle Soup

Instant Ramen is not only incredibly cheap, but it’s durable, lasts forever, and those salty noodles are super satisfying. We’ve dressed it up a little to make it more filling and nutritious, but still kept the cost down with this recipe. You can use any instant ramen you prefer, and we recommend trying a brand from an Asian market, as the noodles are much better. Maybe you can even break out your chopsticks for this one!

Blackened Crappie salad

Blackened Crappie salad
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