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Moroccan inspired stew

Here is featured Vanlifers Alex & Amy's recipe for Moroccan Inspired Stew. This is what they have to say.. Our favourite meal to make in the van is a butternut and chickpea stew, or as we like to call it - our No Tagine, Tagine. Inspired by all the flavours of the Moroccan dish and served with almond and coriander couscous. It takes a while to cook, and uses lot's of different ingredients, but the end result is SO worth it. We usually batch cook and eat it for a couple of days afterwards; it's even better the next day!

7 Inspirational Upcycled Campervan Kitchens

We see many different campervan conversions on our Insta every day. Our favourite ones by far are the upcycled campervan kitchens, so inspirational! So...

Fried Tagliatelle with Chickpeas and Tomatoes in Cajun Oil

Where Italy meets Louisana. This simple, hearty and flavoursome campervan recipe will knock your socks off and leave you comfortably warm on the inside.

Cheesy Curried Butterbeans on Sourdough Toast

This is an easy and delicious treat for lunch or dinner. The creamy butterbean sauce smothered in cheese is the perfect texture for crispy sourdough toast.

Featured Vanlifers – The Howls

We are very excited to feature our first family of vanlifers! What could be more exciting for children than camping every day in their...

Ultimate Vanlife Vegan Chilli

The ultimate comfort food and this recipe is bursting full of rich zingy flavour that will leave you drooling away whilst it bubbles away on your van stove.

Van-Made Guacamole

This guacamole recipe is ideal for a campervan kitchen. No cooking required and using the manual blender, means no power required either! It tastes delicious too, win win!

Banana & Nutella Omnia cake

We love using leftover bananas to make cakes. Without an oven in our van, the Omnia oven makes that all possible. In this one I decided to swirl some nutella through it for extra indulgence (not sure our waistlines appreciate it though!)

Firey Avocado Eggs

Looking for a low carb breakfast or lunch that's high in healthy fats? I'm sure that's why this recipe was invented! Egg and avocado are a match made in heaven and in this simple recipe we fire things up with some cayenne pepper and paprika!

Curried Tofu Noodles

This little bowl just bursts with coconut curry flavours. It's quick and easy to make and use your favourite stir-fry veggies or whatever veggies you have leftover in the fridge. Our version here is protein packed and makes two medium bowls.

Butternut Squash Vegan Lasagne

After cooking this, we sat and ate it in silence! We scoffed it down! So tasty! Definitely one of our new favourites!

Featured Vanlifers – Antoine & Alaena

Meet featured vanlifers Antoine & Alaena of @vantashjoey. They travel full-time in their van Joey and are currently between France and Spain. They have...

Review of Just Smart Kitchenware bundle

Here at Vanlife Eats we have been very lucky to receive a bundle from Just Smart Kitchenware to review. Click here to go to...

Cooking in a tiny home – food diary of a vanlifer

Cooking in a tiny home can come with some challenges, and tiny homes do not come much smaller than a van! In this food...

Just how Smart is Just Smart Kitchenware? – A review

Just Smart Kitchenware sent us some products to review in our van. Read more to see just how smart we think their products are... A...

Featured Vanlifers – Shanti Nomads

Our latest featured vanlifers are Sacha & Derek of @shanti_nomads_. They are a Maltese and Gozitan couple and are currently travelling around Queensland Australia...

Featured Vanlifers – Carrie & Glyn

Carrie & Glyn live full-time in their motorhome with their dog Buttons, they have had their van for 4 years. Currently they travel the...

Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

We always seem to buy bananas, they don’t get eaten and end up looking sad and brown on the side. We wouldn’t want to waste them so using them up in cakes is ideal!

Omnia cheddar & spring onion loaf

One of my all time favourite comfort foods is a cheese and onion crisp sandwich using white bread. This loaf brings back those memories of this after school snack with the gentle flavours of the cheese and onion.

Florentine Biscuit Bites

These little biscuit bites give the best of both worlds, a biscuit with a delicious florentine. We made these in our Omnia oven during Van Bake Off 2020.

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