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MeShell’s Diner Maple Pecan Pie Bars

MeShell's diner is dishing up the goods again. These maple pecan pie bars are to die for! A brilliant recipe for vanlife, campervans &...

Crunchy Chocolate Bark

Our family loves chocolate! And we also take it on the road. We find the best local chocolate wherever we happen to be and then use it to create this delicious on-the-go treat.

Topped avocado halves

This is a fun and yummy meal on the go. The avocado halves are easy to make and don’t require much to make. We bring them along in a container on picnics or on long drives.

Banana & Walnut Omnia Cake

This recipe is great for using up leftover bananas and reducing waste when on your travels.

Easy peanut butter cookies

Easy peanut butter cookies



Date Bites

Easy to make snacks for a little sweet treat.
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