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Hello dear friends, adventure seekers and food lovers! We‘re two mountain kids that met four years ago and found each other through our shared love of mother nature and good food (and perhaps also some more things). Since then, we began spending more and more time in remote places seeking new adventures. And as you can assume being on a 3,000m peak or backpacking around a small island in the Atlantic where you barely spy a human face brings its difficulties when the tummy starts growling. So that’s how it all begun. Inventing new colourful dishes and making old family recipes adaptable for the wildlife became our passion. We realized more and more that we don’t have to reserve any table for a sparkling candlelight dinner and that there is no need for a fancy kitchen to create outstanding meals. While Dominic was cutting hair and I studying foreign languages, we both thought about our next weekend trip together in the borrowed Van exploring new places and dishes. Last year, we finally decided that waking up by the first sunrays of the day warming our faces, opening the door of the Van and breathing the fresh ocean air with our feeds already in the still cold sand, is the life we always want to live. Some time ago we became aware that we’re not the only outdoor freaks out there looking for a window of freedom and peace in this bustling world. We felt ourselves arrived in the backpacker and vanlife community. Hence, we decided we want to share our knowledge and passion with all of these wonderful like-minded people and started writing on our outdoor cookbook “Experience Nature and Good Food”.

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Pizza Bread

Pizza with a difference, this is cooked over an open fire giving it a nice crisp texture & smoky flavour

Date Bites

Easy to make snacks for a little sweet treat.

Curry Risotto

The curry flavour in this recipe gives a different take on a risotto, but it’s still just as delicious.

Dandelion salad

This simple salad is easy to make and the eggs could be cooked in a pan on an open fire if outdoors. Also, everyone loves to forage.

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