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Stuffed Cob – Calabrese Style

Try a stuffed cob with your favourite fillings. Ours is a take on a popular stuffed bread from the region of Calabra Italy....

How to bake in a van

Have you ever wondered how to bake in a van? Baking in a van comes with some challenges, the lack of available space can...

Yoghurt Flatbreads with Dukkah

Yoghurt flatbreads are a perfect vanlife recipe, and ideal for making in a campervan or any small kitchen! Ash Butler, author of The Small Kitchen...

Quirky Flatbreads

Here it is! The recipe for the flatbreads we made at Camp Quirky. We make these nearly every day in van. It only...

Vegan Keema Naan Bread

Vegan Keema Naan Sometimes the accidental recipes come out as the best recipes and this is a perfect example. Amazing Naan Bread to make...

Van Bake off 2021

The time has come for Van Bake off 2021! It's that time of the year again, the dark nights are becoming longer, and the...


There is nothing that quite beats that smell of freshly baked bread filling your van. But how can you bake bread in a campervan...

Omnia Oven Rack

The ideal accompaniment for the Omnia oven. Bake in your van on just a single hob!

Van Bake off Burger buns

This recipe is a winning star baker recipe for Van Bake Off 2020. I organized myself in order to have freshly baked buns for lunch. I started at 2.30 pm the day before in order to use less yeast and make these buns easier to digest. You can double the amount of yeast and start early in the morning. It is up to you. It all depends on whether or not you have access to a fridge for an overnight rest.

Van Bake off Bagels

This recipe was selected as star baker recipe during bread week of Van Bake off 2020. Bagels in a van are awesome, even better when used as burger buns!

Omnia cheddar & spring onion loaf

One of my all time favourite comfort foods is a cheese and onion crisp sandwich using white bread. This loaf brings back those memories of this after school snack with the gentle flavours of the cheese and onion.



Garlic Damper

As a Australian school kid I remember being taken to the local park and learning how to make Damper and Billy Tea, there are many recipes, some use milk, even lemonade or beer, this is a simple one with only water. They are traditionally baked in a Camp Oven in the coals of a open fire The addition of garlic powder to a make it a perfect accompaniment to pasta

Very easy naan bread

Very easy naan bread

2 ingredient Flatbreads

Yes you read that correctly, 2 ingredient Flatbread, yep, just 2! All you need to cook it is some heat and a pan! In a van kitchen storage, ingredients and cooking facilities can be limited so recipes with minimal ingredients are ideal. You can vary the flavours in this and there are optional extras to make it even more tasty. Plus it can be cooked on an open fire so even those with no cooking facilities can enjoy this meal. This is recipe is a Turkish flatbread known as Bazlama and it’s about to rock your world! Serves 4-6
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