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MeShell’s diner chicken tortilla casserole

Another classic from MeShell's diner. This recipe for chicken tortilla casserole is full of flavour, crunch and cheese! What more could you want?! This...

Chicken & Goats Cheese in a Creamy Red Pepper Sauce

Chicken and Goats Cheese in a Creamy Red Pepper Sauce I made this as zero carb and full of protein. The flavor is incredible...

Tuscan Chicken

A quick classic recipe to make in your campervan and its just bursting with flavour! In less than 30 minutes and with the use...

Smoky, spicy one pan chicken

Us vanlifers love a one pan recipe. It's handy if you only have one hob, and it also saves on washing up. What's not...

Chicken Brie Bombs

A campervan chicken recipe that explodes in your mouth with flavour and ooze a delicious creamy brie sauce! Chicken Brie Bombs These aren't just explosive...

Chicken Chipotle Crunch

Tortilla wraps are everyone's go to for a Vanlife recipe. Quick easy and incredibly versatile. Here is one of our favourites for when ingredients...

Creamy Chicken with sun-dried tomatoes over pasta

Creamy chicken with sun-dried tomatoes over pasta This delicious recipe is a favourite of featured vanlifer @vangirl_cooks. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare and...

Sticky chinese chicken with sesame pak choi

A Delicious, quick simple recipe by featured vanlifers donatellavansace. Sticky chicken, rice and pak choi, a marriage made in heaven.

Sundried Tomato Chicken

Sundried Tomato Chicken

Mexican pulled chicken tortilla wrap

Starting with making the dough You need: 200-250 grams of flower 1 table spoon of oil 125ml water Some salt And if you like you can add garlic powder A big bowl and a little wet towel

Omnia Barbecue Chicken Wings

Barbecue Chicken Wings

Ratatouille chicken

Try using halloumi, paneer or other meat free sources of protein to make this delicious meal suitable for vegetarians

Southwest Salad with Sweet and Spicy Chicken

This has been a go-to meal for years for us, and it has translated really well into Vanlife. I was playing with seasonings one night as I cooked chicken to put in a salad for dinner, and I loved the sweet and savoury heat it added to our salad! The tortilla chips and Ranch really compliment the flavors of this dish. You can modify this salad to your own tastes! Perhaps you’re not a broccoli fan, or you hate black beans. That’s fine! The beauty of a salad is you can toss it together your own way! Play with it, and have fun! If you don’t have all of the ingredients, use what you do have! I often make a simplified version with no black beans, corn, tomato, or avocado-just a simple salad with chicken and tortilla chips on top.

Creamy Chicken and Corn Chowder

This soup is pure comfort food, and perfect for a cold night in the van! I love making a big pot of soup, and having the leftovers the next night. I always serve this soup with homemade garlic toast, which I make by toasting bread slices in a pan, buttering them, and sprinkling them with Garlic Salt. Bon Appétit!
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