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Omnia Mashed Potato Cake

When I said I was going to make a cake in the Omnia, everyone was shocked! However, my cakes are not quite the...

Stuffed Cob – Calabrese Style

Try a stuffed cob with your favourite fillings. Ours is a take on a popular stuffed bread from the region of Calabra Italy....

8 Unique Italian Cheeses You Must Try When You Visit Italy

Italy is a beautiful country with an outstanding cuisine, and a haven for cheese lovers. Among the plethora of Italian cheeses, some stand out...

Tuscan Chicken

A quick classic recipe to make in your campervan and its just bursting with flavour! In less than 30 minutes and with the use...

Halloumi Hot Dogs

Who doesn't love Halloumi? Well we LOVE it! This is a quick and easy campervan recipe for hot dogs, an amazing vanlife lunch. ...

Vegetarian Skillet Lasagne

Vegetarian Skillet Lasagne Who ever said you need an oven to make lasagne? This one pan recipe is simply delicious! Zingy tomato, creamy cheese with...

Cauliflower Cheese with Bacon

This is the perfect indulgent meal whilst following a keto diet. Full of flavour and easy to prepare in a campervan kitchen.

Frittata – Using up your veggies

Fritatta's are a great way to use up any leftover veg. Choose any toppings as you like, but remember, the softer the toppings, the quicker the meal. Some topping combos we like: * Mushroom, Broccoli and Feta. * Tomato, Mushroom and red onion. * Cherry Tomatoes, Onion and Basil. * Multicoloured Peppers and Feta.

Cheesy Tomato Risotto

My guest blog post on here explains how easy it is to sprout beans when on the road, this is one of the many recipes I include them in.


A hearty full flavoured Halloumi curry to die for! Bursting with zing and zang and leaving you nice and full.

Gouda, Mushroom, & Truffle Salt Mac & Cheese

In this one pot dinner, Gouda and mushrooms come together with pasta in a creamy bechamel sauce all sprinkled with delectable truffle salt to make an irresistible bowl of the most heavenly, elevated, yet easily attainable Mac and Cheese you’ve ever had! It sounds complicated, fancy, and time consuming, but I swear it’s not! Only a handful of ingredients most of which you probably already have and only one stovetop pot and you’ll be in heaven in no time. Before I have baked the final pasta with a breadcrumb topping which I also highly recommend. However, stopping at the stovetop stage does keep the pasta at an incredibly delicious creamy stage that I honestly probably now prefer.
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