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Full Time Vanlife Cooking vs Part Time Vanlife Cooking

Full time vanlife cooking can be a very different game to that of the vanlife weekend warrior. Cooking three meals a day (or more...

Victoria Sponge – Van Bake Off

Here is week one's star Baker of van bake off. Week one was cake week and Lesley of @stillyoungatart made this gorgeous looking victoria...

Omnia Muffin Ring

Bake muffins and cakes in your van on just a single stove top! The muffin ring is the perfect addon to your Omnia oven to...

Wonderbag – Non Electric Thermal Slow Cooker

Enjoy slow-cooked meals in your van with this non-electric slow cooker. No electricity requiredEco friendlyCooks for up to 12 hoursCharitable donations with every sale Description Wonderbag is...

Omnia Oven – Stove Top Oven

Introducing the legendary Omnia stove top oven! Know as being the best campervan stove top oven. Bake on a single hob in your van....

Low FODMAP Baked Lemon Sole

Low FODMAP Baked Lemon Sole

Best Ever Chicken and Cheese Empanadas

We’ve had who knows how many empanadas in the past year. And while most are good, there’s those few that go beyond good to “Oh wow, this is incredible! I’ll have 4 at once…” And these are just like that! Sooo much flavor in these little guys that you won’t be able to stop at eating just a couple

Could the Omnia oven be the best campervan oven?

As a passionate cook and living full-time van life, here is my honest review of the Omnia oven, and will I claim this to...
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