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Featured Van Lifers – Lockie & Ash

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Two passionate Vanlife cooks and the creators of Vanlife Eats.

Lockie and Ash are an Australian couple on a tour of Europe in their van Tommy the Transit and are currently exploring Austria.

Staying healthy while living vanlife is of the highest importance to them, and these are highlighted on their instagram account easyeatsandexercise You can also see their travel adventures on their page lockieandash

What country are you based in?


How long have you had a van?

10 months

Why did you choose your current Van?

the right price and condition

What is your favourite feature of your van?

Our shou sugi ban kitchen bench

How do you spend your time in your van?


What has been your favourite experience in your van so far?

We started our van build in a random parking lot in Andorra whilst we were there trying to get it registered. We got sick of waiting and were so excited to start the build, we found a nice quiet spot near a construction site. The workers were so lovely and let us use there power and even lent us tools. They couldn’t speak much English at all, but would come check on our progress multiple times a day and were so happy to have us there.

What has been your worst experience in your van?

Having car troubles in Andorra all whilst in the process of trying to register our van in a foreign country where little English was spoken.

Describe your van kitchen setup…

We have small fixed kitchen with a small sink and 2 burner gas stove. It has an extension piece on either side allowing us to utilise space when we are not cooking.

What is your favourite van kitchen accessory and why?

Our fridge is hands down the best thing we ever bought! Its a Dometic CoolMatic CRX 110 fridge/freezer. It has enough space to fit a 7 day grocery shop and a freezer big enough to freeze our meat and on occasion bananas to make smoothie bowls and nice cream!

What couldnt you live without in your van and why?

I think the Toilet. We have a Dometic portable one that has a flush function and close door trap. No smell and easy to clean. When living full-time in your van we think its a necessity.

Do you have any first hand funny van life stories to tell?

We are Australians who moved to Europe to travel and live the van life. Corona hit whilst we were living the winter season in the Austrian Alps. We currently are parked in our Austrian friends backyard and they refer to us as their Australian refugees

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