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Vanlife Secret Santa

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We are proud to be hosting the vanlife secret Santa of 2020. We will be setting a fun new theme and encouraging global entries. Here is how you can join in the festive fun and make another Vanlifers Christmas by sending them a gift!

Please note that just becasue we are hosting the event, the gifts do not need to be food related at all.

What is Vanlife Secret Santa?

Like a traditional Secret Santa, similar to what you would do within a workplace or amongst friends, Vanlife Secret Santa is a means of anonymously sending gifts to one another within the Vanlife community.

With this year being a difficult year for many of us and the aim of the Secret Santa is to spread a little festive cheer throughout our community.

vanlife christmas present

What is the theme for Vanlife Secret Santa?

The theme for Vanlife Secret Santa 2020 is “Home-Made/Van-Made”. The idea behind this theme is to give a personal touch to your gift preferably by either making something or by sending a home-made gift made by someone else.

The theme is not compulsory and please do not be put off participating in this years Vanlife Secret Santa if you cant follow the theme. If you can follow the theme then great, but if not then you can still send the gift of your choice.

Either put some love into your own creation or share the love by using and supporting local sellers, home crafters and businesses.

vanlife christmas

How to enter?

To enter this year’s Vanlife Secret Santa you will need to enter using the entry form below, you will then added to the entries. On the 22nd November, your name will be added to the Vanlife Secret Santa organiser management site drawnames.co.uk. You will receive an email to enter all of your details.

Once you have been entered you will have the chance to enter your details including your gift address as well as a wish list option which you should use as an indication to what style and taste you have.

The wishlist should be used as a guide for your secret Santa. Remember the theme is “home-made/van-made” where possible.

What are the rules for Vanlife Secret Santa?

The rules for entering are simple.

  1. It’s a secret! When you know your recipient, don’t go messaging or revealing yourself!
  2. Enter before the closing date of 20th November
  3. You will be notified of who you are gifting to on the 22nd November
  4. Budget = £30 GBP / $40 USD / €33 Euros
  5. Post your gift before the 5th December
  6. Do not forget to send a gift! Everyone is matched and it would be pretty harsh if someone was to miss out!
  7. When you receive your gift take a photo and post on Instagram with the hashtag #vanlifesecretsanta and tag @vanlifesecretsanta and @vanlife_eats

Enter Here

Enter here to participate in this years Vanlife Secret Santa.
All information is strictly private and secured with GDPR and SSL security..

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