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Chicken & Goats Cheese in a Creamy Red Pepper Sauce

Chicken and Goats Cheese in a Creamy Red Pepper Sauce I made this as zero carb and full of protein. The flavor is incredible...

Fried Tagliatelle with Chickpeas and Tomatoes in Cajun Oil

Where Italy meets Louisana. This simple, hearty and flavoursome campervan recipe will knock your socks off and leave you comfortably warm on the inside.

Strawberry & Mint Protein Smoothie

A great post-workout or even after a long walk smoothie. Loads of protein and super yum!

Southwest Salad with Sweet and Spicy Chicken

This has been a go-to meal for years for us, and it has translated really well into Vanlife. I was playing with seasonings one night as I cooked chicken to put in a salad for dinner, and I loved the sweet and savoury heat it added to our salad! The tortilla chips and Ranch really compliment the flavors of this dish. You can modify this salad to your own tastes! Perhaps you’re not a broccoli fan, or you hate black beans. That’s fine! The beauty of a salad is you can toss it together your own way! Play with it, and have fun! If you don’t have all of the ingredients, use what you do have! I often make a simplified version with no black beans, corn, tomato, or avocado-just a simple salad with chicken and tortilla chips on top.


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