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Raw carrot cake with cacao glaze

This recipe is vegan, and requires zero cooking! Great option for those looking for a sweet treat with limited cooking facilities. A super tasty...

Summer Cous Cous

This campervan recipe of Summer cous cous is fabulous to make and enjoy for a tasty lunch or side dish. It is amazing eaten...

True Pesto from Genoa

As true Genoese here is the true recipe for an authentic pesto!! Attention!!! Add one ingredient at a time. It is very important not to put all the ingredients together.

Charming chia pudding

This is a fun and easy treat you can eat for a breakfast or as a dessert. And its super healthy, with no added sweetener. We used to buy this from our favorite café. But it is really simple to make which is great if you don’t have any extra time.

Lemon dessert

Lemon dessert

Llajua Hot Sauce

This is pretty much the hot sauce that you’ll see on every table. It’s dead simple, fresh and delicious. It is made with huacatay leaves, a Bolivian herb with quite a unique flavour. Traditionally this sauce is made with a special hand blender, that gives the sauce a chunky blended texture. However, I was shown it can also be made with a grater.
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