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Just how Smart is Just Smart Kitchenware? – A review

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Just Smart Kitchenware sent us some products to review in our van. Read more to see just how smart we think their products are…

A little about Just Smart Kitchenware…

Just smart kitchenware have shops in the UK, Australia & Germany. The company was created by Jacquie in Australia. She was travelling in a trailer and realised there was a gap in the market for van kitchen storage. As such they specialise in creating kitchenware for tiny kitchens, motorhomes, vanlifers etc.

There are 3 features of their products that have come to define them as ‘smart’

  1. Smart in space
  2. Smart in function
  3. Smart in Quality


Smart because when not in use the fold flat to minimise the storage space required. Collapses to 1/3 of it’s original size.


The tubs have 2 uses, they can be used for storage and can be used for cooking. Temperature resistant.


Made from premium quality silicone!

With that in mind the products in this review are 2 sets of collapsible silicone tubs. A large set and a small set! Each set contains 2 tubs each with a branded lid that hook onto the bases.

Just Smart Kitchenware Product Features

  • Space saving. When not in use they fold almost completely flat, making storing them in a van kitchen a breeze. 4 or 5 folded tubs can fit in the same space as one conventional reusable tub easily. 
  • They are lightweight and reusable. 
  • These tubs can be used in the fridge, freezer and oven. They can also go straight from freezer to the oven.
  • The products are made of premium grade silicone, which is safe for food. 

Are the Just Smart Kitchenware products suitable for vanlife?

Hell yeah! These products were designed with tiny living in mind. If you are limited on space these are pretty ideal for you.

Here is why we think these products would be perfect for any van kitchen.


We bang on about sustainable vanlife a lot here at vanlife eats. The Just Smart Kitchenware tubs can be washed and reused over and over again, goodbye plastic tubs! Reducing plastic use is something we feel passionate about. We try to minimise the plastic use in our van. This includes plastic tubs, they eventually stain and/or warp meaning they need to be replaced.

Another thing we try to do is reduce food waste. One way of doing this is to make sure you eat up those leftovers. Every van should have a set of tubs so any leftovers can be stored properly and used the next day.

vanlife food storage


Living in a tiny home, can mean tiny storage space! That is where the Just Smart Kitchenware tubs really shine. When not in use they collapse almost completely flat.

Each product is lightweight, meaning no extra weight in your van. They are also useful for taking out on walks, hikes etc because of this. When opened the tubs are nice and deep, meaning you can store many different things in them.

The silicone material means it is easy and safe to stack them up with no worry of breakages. Ideal when you’re home is a home on wheels.


Some advice we hear often about van kitchens is, every item in your van should have at least 2 uses. Minimalist living can mean packing light and having products that can be used in multiple ways is always a bonus.

These tubs can be used for storing leftovers, and for cooking in the oven (if you’re lucky enough to have one in your van!) They can also be used for baking bread and cakes.

What else did we like about the Just Smart Kitchenware tubs?

We have been impressed by these tubs. One thing we expected was the silicone to stain. At one point we stored chopped beetroot in one of the small tubs. Afterwards there was no stain and it didn’t even require scrubbing when washing up.

They are super easy to clean! Every part of the product is easy to clean, with no areas for bugs to linger. We heated up some food up in them and even then cleaning afterwards was a breeze. No food residue to scrub at all. This is a definite bonus when washing up in a van as it saves water when washing up.

The large tubs are ideal for taking on a picnic, while the smaller tubs are a great size for chopped fruit. Perfect for a packed lunch box.

What didn’t we like about the Just Smart Kitchenware tubs?

Before they arrived we were worried they may be flimsy, being as they are collapsible. However the wire in the rim makes them feel pretty sturdy. After using them the only time we had concerns was when storing soup in them. We’re big soup fans, especially at this time of the year. We tested the tubs with soup and there was a slight leak. We filled with water to test them and I applied a little too much pressure which sent the water everywhere – oops!

Due to this we wouldn’t recommend using them to transport soups or food products with a lot of liquid in them. For everything else though they are fab!

The design is quite plain, they are a plain grey with the logo in one corner. Some people like the minimalistic and simplistic look and so these are ideal. If you prefer a more colourful pop in your van then these may not be the tubs for you.


We will definitely carry on using these in our van, you hardly know they are there until you need them due to the space saving design.

They are great for using for excess leftovers, prepped vegetables etc. As well as that they have come in handy for snack pots for the children.

Part-time vanlifers could definitely use these for meal prep and cut vegetables etc beforehand to take with them.

If you would like to try these products, head to our store to find the best place to purchase

We do not receive payment for reviews although we may have been sent the product free of charge. We do this to ensure you only ever read our honest opinion.


PROS - Space-saving, reduces plastic use, multi-purpose, light-weight, breakage free CONS - Not leak-proof, plain design


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PROS - Space-saving, reduces plastic use, multi-purpose, light-weight, breakage free CONS - Not leak-proof, plain designJust how Smart is Just Smart Kitchenware? - A review