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Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor

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Mess free chopping in a tiny kitchen! The zyliss easy pull, could this be the best vanlife kitchen gadget so far?

We are always cooking in our van and being van foodies we always cook as fresh as possible. This does mean a lot of chopping vegetables and often means a lot of mess!

When we first discovered the powerless food processor it was the Zyliss that stood out in the foreground and we instantly purchased one from Amazon at a surprisingly low cost.

I must admit that I was sceptical and questioned the ability and durability straight away. Could those tiny blades really chop through an onion? Could it really finely chop? Hmmm… let’s put it to the test.

What’s in the Zyliss Easy Pull box

After unpackaging the Zyliss Easy Pull we found it very simple to piece together.

The box contains:

  • The base pot
  • The top section complete with the pull cord and handle
  • The spindle complete with two blades
  • An additional plastic arm/scoop

The Zyliss Easy Pull is quite small but the perfect size for vanlife. The 750ml pot can easily get one onion (halved) inside the pot and that is exactly where we started.

The chop

After halving and peeling the onion we dropped it inside the pot and attached the spindle and the top.


3-5 pulls for a course chop…
The first pull was a little tough, but to our amazement the second and third pull glided through the onion and remaining in the pot after 3 pulls was a chopped onion! Awesome!

8-10 pulls for a fine chop…
Each pull was very easy and incredibly after 10 pulls the onion was almost juiced! Could the Zyliss Easy Pull be replacing our blender too??


This is probably my favourite element of using the Zyliss Easy Pull and what could just make this the best vanlife kitchen gadget.

The vegetable goes into the pot, the veg gets chopped in the pot and the veg gets emptied from the pot into the pan.

Typically when chopping onions, bits go everywhere. Under the grill, behind the counter, on the floor and no matter how careful you are bits of onion just escape. The Zyliss Easy Pull prevents this mess in your tiny kitchen.

Our Conclusion

After spending months using the Zyliss Easy Pull we have found that we use it nearly everyday. It has become an essential vanlife kitchen item to us and we would feel crippled without it.

The blades have only ever so slightly worn and it will still cut onions, apples and carrot with little effort.

Cleaning the Easy Pull is not as easy as we would have liked. The ridges on the inside of the pot manage to clog up with the residue of chopped vegetables. The top section must not get wet as the water will rust inside the mechanism and also the blades are so sharp to wipe clean.

Be wary of those incredibly sharp little blades! I have cut myself several times when cleaning the blades.

The Zyliss Easy pull is definitely an essential vanlife kitchen accessory and has made it into our Vanlife kitchen store.




  • Zero power consumption
  • Mess-free
  • Course to fine chopping
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Watch your fingers when cleaning!
  • Can be hard to clean
  • Can rust internally 


Mess free chopping
Easy to clean
Cutting / Shopping
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