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Featured Vanlifers – Shanti Nomads

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Two passionate Vanlife cooks and the creators of Vanlife Eats.

Our latest featured vanlifers are Sacha & Derek of @shanti_nomads_. They are a Maltese and Gozitan couple and are currently travelling around Queensland Australia in their van.

One of the reasons they purchased the van they have is because it had an oven. These vanlifers love to cook and so this meant they could continue to make delicious food!

Read more about their travels, check out their recipes at @shanti_nomads_ and be sure to give them a follow on Insta!

Sacha and derek

Does your van have a name?

Nasi our first date was in Varanasi in India, so we shortened it to Nasi!

Which country are you based in currently?

Queensland, Australia.

Do you travel in your van part-time or full-time?


Where is the best place you have stayed in your van?

Bunya Mountains/Inskip Point

Describe your van kitchen set-up?

So we have a gas oven with 2 burners, I have all my spices and cutleries in one of the drawers and a 40 Ltr Fridge. The most important is our French press coffee maker! But our favourite cook ups are the ones done on the fire ( where we are allowed to light one up )

shanti outdoor

What couldn’t you live without in your van kitchen?

Non stick pan

What 3 food items do you always have in your van pantry?

Coffee, Cheese, garlic

shanti outdoors

What is your go to van meal?

Cold cuts and cheese platter. (quick, fulfilling and easy to clean)

What is the best meal you have made in your van?

For Sacha it’s Ramen and for Derek it’s his famous chicken parma.

shanti van

Have you had any cooking disasters in your van?

When I try to cook rice, I never cook it perfectly and we always have soooo much rice left over! lol

Do you have any funny vanlife stories?

One time we were driving and the reel of the fishing rods got stuck in a tree and we were driving with the reel behind us on the highway! We had to stop and roll it back lol

And when a mouse decided to live in our van, and everyday we find something bitten, we named it Sir.Shitalot (cause that was another thing we were finding everywhere) and went to the supermarket and got a trap and we got rid of it.

We had another visitor one time, we woke up and found a wallaby on our outdoor mattress chilling.! He was so cute, but later in the day we found out that he broke it!

Instagram: @shanti_nomads_



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