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Gluten Free snacks for Family Adventures

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Guest author familywellnesswanderers share their favourite gluten free snacks for their family adventures.

Hi, we are a traveling family of 4 with 2 girls, ages  13 and 15, and our 3 little dogs. A year ago, we sold all our stuff and left our home to travel the world.  

We have spent our time visiting interesting and unique places and exploring nature. Our goal is to share this wellness journey for families to inspire others to find their own passions and follow their dreams!  

To find out more our YouTube channel is FAMILYWANDERERS. If you would like to subscribe thank you so much for your support!

On our journey into health we stuck to our “less stuff-more experiences” motto, left our home and  hit the road to do some family travel backpacking. Even before we started traveling full time, we were an adventurous family but continuously struggle with finding ways to eat healthy on the go. We would flip between being stuck at home eating very  well to traveling and just eating packaged food on the road. When we did end up eating healthy during  travel, we would end up having a jerky stick and some carrots, which is fine but definitely not a sustainable diet.

Eventually, we figured out a good balance of  between having fun food and being healthy and gluten free on our adventures! Whether we are hiking up a mountain, going on a bike ride or just  spending the day at a National Park, these following  recipes are our absolute favorites! They only take  few minutes to make and give us the energy we need to really enjoy our time when we’re out exploring. 

Our recipes….

Charming chia pudding

This is a fun and easy treat you can eat for a breakfast or as a dessert.  And its super healthy, with no added sweetener. We used to buy this  from our favorite café. But it is really simple to make which is great if  you don’t have any extra time. Click here for full recipe

Topped Avocado Halves

This is a fun and yummy meal on the go. The avocado halves are easy to  make and don’t require much to make. We bring them along in a  container on picnics or on long drives. Click here for full recipe

Crunchy Chocolate Bark

Our family loves chocolate! And we also take it on the road. We find  the best local chocolate wherever we happen to be and then use it to  create this delicious on-the-go treat. Click here for the full recipe

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