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Mexican Lasagne – Omnia

Transform traditional lasagne by replacing pasta with tortillas, infusing each layer with bold Mexican flavors. This dish is a perfect blend of convenience and...

Smoky, spicy one pan chicken

Us vanlifers love a one pan recipe. It's handy if you only have one hob, and it also saves on washing up. What's not...

Thai Beef Green Curry

Who needs a pre-made paste! This Thai Green Curry recipe was cooked in our campervan and devoured on a romantic date night. It's delicious!

Emilly’s Warming Pumpkin Dahl

One pot dinners will forever be a winner in the van. Less dishes and a whole lot of flavour is what we like best!

Vegan Chilli with Dressed Green Beans

This is a perfect vegan winter warmer recipe. There is nothing better than returning to the warmth of the van after a long walk and warming your tum up with a scrummy chilli.

Best Ever Chicken and Cheese Empanadas

We’ve had who knows how many empanadas in the past year. And while most are good, there’s those few that go beyond good to “Oh wow, this is incredible! I’ll have 4 at once…” And these are just like that! Sooo much flavor in these little guys that you won’t be able to stop at eating just a couple

Llajua Hot Sauce

This is pretty much the hot sauce that you’ll see on every table. It’s dead simple, fresh and delicious. It is made with huacatay leaves, a Bolivian herb with quite a unique flavour. Traditionally this sauce is made with a special hand blender, that gives the sauce a chunky blended texture. However, I was shown it can also be made with a grater.
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