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MeShell’s Kick A** Guacamole

I love mexican food and cooking it. MeShell's kick a** guacamole is a great edition to any mexican meal. This guacamole is chunky, and...

MeShell’s bejewelled couscous salad

This bejewelled couscous salad is the perfect side dish to so many different main meals. It's versatile and looks gorgeous so it's great to...

Afternoon Tea Live Event – Spring 2022

For the first weekend of Spring here in the UK we host our Vanlife Event "Afternoon Tea" and we are inviting Vanlifers anywhere in...

Omnia cheddar & spring onion loaf

One of my all time favourite comfort foods is a cheese and onion crisp sandwich using white bread. This loaf brings back those memories of this after school snack with the gentle flavours of the cheese and onion.

Florentine Biscuit Bites

These little biscuit bites give the best of both worlds, a biscuit with a delicious florentine. We made these in our Omnia oven during Van Bake Off 2020.

Topped avocado halves

This is a fun and yummy meal on the go. The avocado halves are easy to make and don’t require much to make. We bring them along in a container on picnics or on long drives.

Crunchy Chocolate Bark

Our family loves chocolate! And we also take it on the road. We find the best local chocolate wherever we happen to be and then use it to create this delicious on-the-go treat.

Best Ever Chicken and Cheese Empanadas

We’ve had who knows how many empanadas in the past year. And while most are good, there’s those few that go beyond good to “Oh wow, this is incredible! I’ll have 4 at once…” And these are just like that! Sooo much flavor in these little guys that you won’t be able to stop at eating just a couple

Sausage and Apple pasties

A moreish, hearty meal for those on the go. This was one of my favourite bakes – simple to make, full of flavour and great for when you’re out and about. You can use readymade shortcrust pastry instead of making your own if you wish.

Quinoa salad bowl

Quinoa salad bowl

Feta Orzo Salad

Just an amazing summer cold dish, full of fresh/raw ingredients prepared in absolutely no time. The main ingredient is orzo, which is basically pasta in the shape of rice, which pairs perfectly with the vinaigrette & fresh veggies.
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