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Van Bake off 2021

The time has come for Van Bake off 2021! It's that time of the year again, the dark nights are becoming longer, and the...

Mini Omnia Scones

With spring around the corner we decided to share our tasty mini scone recipe that we bake in our Omnia stove top oven. Enjoy these with a cup of tea in the sunshine!

Banana & Nutella Omnia cake

We love using leftover bananas to make cakes. Without an oven in our van, the Omnia oven makes that all possible. In this one I decided to swirl some nutella through it for extra indulgence (not sure our waistlines appreciate it though!)

Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

We always seem to buy bananas, they don’t get eaten and end up looking sad and brown on the side. We wouldn’t want to waste them so using them up in cakes is ideal!

6 Ingredient Healthy Crockpot Banana Bread with Peanut Butter

It’s probably the most moist, sweet banana bread I’ve ever made which makes sense as the only dry ingredient besides baking soda is oatmeal. Otherwise, you’ve got sweetness from 3 ripe bananas and honey. A couple eggs to bind it together. And did I mention PEANUT BUTTER for an extra creamy sweetness and added protein. It’s honestly the banana bread that has it all…or rather it’s the stuff it doesn’t have that makes it so great… and it all comes together quickly in your blender or Magic Bullet!

Cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns
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A Must Try Recipe