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MeShell’s Kick A** Guacamole

I love mexican food and cooking it. MeShell's kick a** guacamole is a great edition to any mexican meal. This guacamole is chunky, and...

True Pesto from Genoa

As true Genoese here is the true recipe for an authentic pesto!! Attention!!! Add one ingredient at a time. It is very important not to put all the ingredients together.

Everything Tofu Sauce

Perfect with pasta, in a lasagne, as a dip, and with fresh potato wedges. It truly is your everything sauce and will quickly become a staple with your family.

Spicy Garlicky Avocado Hummus

This Spicy Garlicky Avocado Hummus is sooo yummy and healthy. It’s loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fats which make it the all around snack. On top of that, paired with some healthy low carb options like carrots and cucumbers, it really is the ultimate power snack.
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A Must Try Recipe