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Kashmiri banana curry

Big Picnic Demo dish This kashmiri banana curry was demonstrated at the 2023 Vanlife Eats big picnic. The Kashmiri banana curry was demonstrated by Shelley...

Banana & Nutella Omnia cake

We love using leftover bananas to make cakes. Without an oven in our van, the Omnia oven makes that all possible. In this one I decided to swirl some nutella through it for extra indulgence (not sure our waistlines appreciate it though!)

Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

We always seem to buy bananas, they don’t get eaten and end up looking sad and brown on the side. We wouldn’t want to waste them so using them up in cakes is ideal!

Banana & Walnut Omnia Cake

This recipe is great for using up leftover bananas and reducing waste when on your travels.
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