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Hi there! We're The Wagler's. We transitioned to a mostly whole food, plant based, lifestyle a few years back and have been creating recipes to satisfy our tastebuds. Follow us on Instagram @the.waglers and visit our website https://thewaglers.com for a full list of our creations.

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Fresh and Simple Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

Fresh and Simple Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

Cold Veggie Noodle Salad

Cold Veggie Noodle Salad

Tomatillo Salsa

We never imagined making tomatillo salsa would be this easy! First, you just need to find the tomatillos in the grocery store. At Whole Foods, they are in the refrigerated produce section. Tomatillos are sold in the store in their husks. You can also find them at local farmers markets in the summer.

Quick, Fresh Pasta Sauce

’Alessio family is pretty serious about their sauce. Jen grew up watching her grandmother cook pasta sauce on the stove all day. Although a 4 hour marinara is delicious, sometimes a quick, fresh sauce is a bit more practical. Here’s our version of a garden fresh pasta sauce.

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