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Chorizo & Mash

A quick and easy recipe to cook in your campervan and so delicious! You’ll love how the Chorizo sausage leaks all the flavour into...

Kaiser Otto Kartofflesalad

King of Potato Salads. A recipe dating back to when Germany had a king. It has developed over generations, as ingredients were discovered and became available. (This was made with salad cream in the 70's), before mayonnaise became known. Each Otto generation added their own touch. It's still a good salad using salad cream and plain yoghurt. But that's another time. It's a great dish on its own, or as an accompaniment to a cold buffet, or BBQ with those over cooked sausages, or under cooked chicken?


It very much depends on the size of your tajine and your personal taste to the amounts you use so I haven’t given amounts. This is a vegan recipe but you can add meat or fish as is often done in Morocco.

Omnia Vegan Shepherds Pie

Vegan Shepherds Pie
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A Must Try Recipe