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Outdoor Cooking Techniques & Tips

As Vanlifers and hybrid campsite weekend warriors we are passionate about outdoor cooking and the amazing experiences it brings to the whole family as...

5 Cookbooks that’ll make vanlife a piece of cake

Like cooking in your van? Want to know 5 cookbooks that'll make vanlife a piece of cake? Jakob Staudal from www.headlessnomad.com takes us through...

The best snack and lunch ideas to pack for a hike

Choosing appropriate food and snacks to bring with you on a hike will help you maintain energy and keep you enjoying your day out....

Jackfruit chilli one-pot

A delicious simple one-pot Vegan chilli with pretty much zero prep time. Easy to cook on a camping stove when hiking, climbing, or even camping! Plus one put means less washing up.

Potatoes, Eggs & Black Bean Breakfast Scramble

This is one of our favorite breakfasts and we have eaten it multiple times per week, for several years. Eggs are essentially the perfect food. Tasty, nutritional, and very inexpensive. When scrambled with the satisfying starch of a potato, some black beans and your favorite hot sauce on top, you’ll look forward to having it day after day. With the cost of this meal being less than $2 per portion, you really can’t go wrong!

Turkey, Rice & Veggie Skillet Meal

We make this meal several times a week! Ground Turkey, pre-steamed rice, and any kind of veggies you want make this meal super versatile and easy to cook. As another one-pot meal, it’s incredibly simple to make, and relatively inexpensive. We like it because it’s really nutritious and also very filling. When we’re extra hungry, we just add more vegetables or meat.
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A Must Try Recipe