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Home Cooking Equipment Magnetic Knife Rack – No Drill

Magnetic Knife Rack – No Drill


  • ➕ FULL SURFACE VHB TAPE: We have improved the CUCINO magnetic knife block even more. Now the whole surface of the backplate is covered with strong self adhesive tape for easy installation.
  • ➕ MOUNT WITHOUT TOOLS: Keep your drill in the box – you won’t need it. This magnetic knife strip can be mounted just by pressing to the wall. Could it be even easier?
  • ➕ PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: You want to keep your kitchen hygienic? No problem for the CUCINO knife magnet made of sanitary stainless steel. With a single wipe it shines like on the first day.
  • ➕ VERSATILE USE: Let’s get creative! The CUCINO magnetic knife holder for wall is used in a wide variety of applications. From knifes over to tools – everything made of metal will hold 100% secure.
  • ➕ ULTRA STRONG MAGNET: This knife magnetic strip is designed to hold all kinds of knifes. This is why we have added a really powerful magnet to assure everything stays on it’s place.


CUCINO Magnetic Knife Rack incl. Strong Self Adhesive VHB Tape | Self Sticking Magnetic Knife Holder, No Drill Necessary, 40cm Wall Mount Magnetic Strip Made of Sanitary Stainless Steel



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