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Home Kitchen Accessories Lifetub – Set of 4 Large Containers

Lifetub – Set of 4 Large Containers


4 Large Reusable High Borosilicate Glass Containers with Locking Leak-Proof Covers- Perfect for Meal Prep, Food Storage, and Travel – Microwave, Oven, Freezer, and Dishwasher-Safe


Here at WxE, our passion for food, the outdoors and our oceans has inspired us to think of how we can change our daily routines to make a difference to our planet and personal health. What if WxE created a product that was robust and durable enough to withstand our morning bike commute…?

What if this same product could transport our carefully made lunch for after our morning hike…?

Could make meal prep a breeze…?

Or could simply be placed in an oven/ microwave to reheat…?

Lifetub was born!!!

lifetub+ exploded UK




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